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New Tricks Season 9 Episode 1 The Metropolitan Police set up a new unit, UCOS, which stands for Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad, to investigate previously unsolved crimes. Led by Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman, the team is made up of retired policemen Jack Halford, Brian Lane and Gerry Standing. Their first case is to investigate the murder of a nightclub hostess. The man who was convicted of killing her is released on appeal after serving twenty years in prison, having always claimed his innocence. The renewed investigation eventually produces proof of his innocence, but also his guilt of a different murder. In the end the team finds proof that the man's wife killed the nightclub hostess out of jealousy.

When a series of guns are discovered in a diving operation, the team open the case of a murdered policewoman when it is revealed that one gun, amongst a series of replicas, is the weapon that was used to kill her. The team suspect that a stalker, who was seen in the area at the time, is responsible for the killing, but when DNA evidence reveals that the same gun was used in an armed robbery six months previously, a web of lies involving a faked robbery and a gang of money laundering thieves is New Tricks Season 9 Episode 1

A fake painting is discovered in the Queen's art collection.In the New Tricks Season 9 Episode 1investigation swiftly reveals a trail of frauds and suspicious deaths. The team find out who originally forged the painting, but discover he died in 1978. They uncover a link between the forger and an art dealer who also died in 1978. They ultimately find out that a criminal who unknowingly bought one of the fake paintings is responsible for trying to kill the forger, killing the dealer and for forcing the Royal curator to steal the real painting to replace his forgery.

The murder outside a nuclear base in 1984 of Josh Livesey, a peace protester,New Tricks Season 9 Episode 1is re-examined after Frank Fox, a fellow protester, is convicted of another killing. When Brian and Jack interview Fox, he fails to shed any new light on the situation, so Gerry and Sandra go in search of the other protesters who were present at the time. The team wonder if the murder could have been an assassination carried out by Special Branch. After discovering that one of the protesters was actually a mole for Special Branch, old secrets begin to unravel and the former protesters confront one another resulting in the identity of the murder among them being exposed.

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